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New Ideas for Bingo Hall Owners to Drive Profitability

The excitement of meeting friends, socializing, and winning some prize money is typically the essence of a Bingo hall game. The above feeling is what attracts the senior citizens the most. They love it.

But with the changed circumstances now due to COVID 19, socializing is not the same anymore. Undoubtedly, establishments operating the physical Bingo halls have been affected too. With limited or no guests at all, Bingo halls are operating on revised schedules and reduced capacities. The ones which are operational must ensure necessary hygiene measures of social distancing, sanitization, use of masks and gloves, etc. And those which are closed, we don’t know how long the wait is going to be.

Business Needs to go on, but HOW?

In a crisis that taught us that interacting with fellow humans could increase the coronavirus infection, people are advised to stay at home. Employers have turned online for remote working and so has entertainment.

Stopping work means stopping revenue inflow. And this cannot be a long-term move. If you are a Bingo hall owner, what if you could provide the experience of a physical Bingo hall in a virtual setup? Would be great, isn’t it?

Again, the Question is, HOW do You Provide that Experience?

Bingo hall games for a lot of people are not only about the reward for winning but also about the feeling of community, togetherness, fun, laughter, and playfulness.

So when we talk about online Bingo games, any application which includes the above features would surely gain more acceptance and popularity.

For an online Bingo game provider, the following are the key points that should be of help in designing the application:

  • Understanding the End-Users Behavioral Attributes: 

As mentioned earlier, typically in a physical Bingo hall set up in a community, the majority of the crowd is above 60 or 65 years old. People of this age group have diverse health issues. They could have problems with their eyesight, hearing or could have shaky hands, etc.

While designing an app one should keep a close check on all such factors and make the interface user-friendly. It could be as simple as using larger font sizes or the use of brighter colors for displaying the callout numbers.

  • Replicating the Traditional Game Style:

Another aspect of the bingo game is, a person calls out the numbers and the players stamp their physical tickets. Some bingo halls may also have an automatic number generator device.

In an online setup, you can make use of similar technology for automated number callouts. But what about the experience of stamping the tickets?

You can also get this done on behalf of the players. You can have it as an opt-in feature wherein players can select if they would stamp their ticket on their own by tapping on their device or that number is stamped on their ticket automatically as soon as it is called out.

  • Incorporate Community Fun:

There’s nothing better than interacting with people in real life unless someone has social phobia. But the best that we can do is to replicate the same environment online and enhance the user experience.

You can have audio or video features while playing, similar to online webinars. People can hear or see each other, share their comments via chat or message feature. Allowing such options would take care of the engagement of the participants with each other and make the game more interactive and inclusive in nature.

The more closer to the physical Bingo environment, the better the online Bingo gaming experience would be.

How can We Help You?

If you are a Bingo hall owner or operator and contemplating business revival strategies and are skeptical of the technicalities involved in switching to online Bingo games, then do not worry, we have got you covered.

At Slavna Game Studios, we have the expertise of over 13 years in end-to-end game development services in 2D or 3D designs, game development, and deployment.

With a team of 80+ technical engineers, we have developed over 120 games so far.

While COVID 19 has already shown us our vulnerabilities, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. We can build custom, interactive game solutions that will help you to streamline your revenue, profits, and ease the operational hassles.

If you would like to know more or are looking for an online bingo app development solution, drop us a mail at [email protected] or call us at +1 214 556 6622.