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Introduction to Slavna’s 2D Game Art Outsourcing Studio

Slavna Game Studio provides comprehensive 2D game art outsourcing services, we can assist you to turn your game vision into a perfect design or complete game as well. Our ability to understand our client’s goals and use our expertise to convert them into the most stunning and fabulous game art makes us your preferred partners for 2D game art solutions. We offer various 2D game environment designs, including sketches, backgrounds, characters and more.

Our team of designers and developers believe that any imagination can be converted into beautiful reality using our professional touch! Work with Slavna Game Studio for ultimate creativity in 2D game art solutions and bring us your most challenging projects to see them transform into successful games!

The Development Process at Slavna – A Top 2D Game Art Outsourcing Studio

We begin our work with a detailed brief with the client’s suggestions and references. Next, we set deadlines for the 2D game art design and development and begin the work planning. We then start working on concept ideas and prepare similar concepts for the characters and environment featured in the game. Our designers then begin sketching, followed by determining the color composition and final rendering for all the characters, background and game environments. Finally, we create an enthralling game world using the latest technologies and test our software, graphics and UI/UX design before finally releasing the game for your players!

Have a project in mind? Get in touch to avail world class 2D Game Art Outsourcing Services!

Slavna’s 2D Game Art Design and Development Services

Art Direction and Concept Development
Art Direction and Concept Development
2D Environment Design
2D Environment Design
2D Character Design
2D Character Design
Illustrations and Icon Design
Illustrations and Icon Design
2D Theme Design
2D Theme Design
General UI/UX Design
General UI/UX Design

Why Choose Slavna Game Studio?

  • A team of 100+ 2D game dev specialists with many decades of experience and expertise in game design
  • Assurance of timely delivery for every project with step-by-step demos, approvals and reporting to the customers
  • Budget-friendly costing and value-driven solutions for 2D game art outsourcing
  • Transparent workflow and communication at all stages of production
  • Customized bespoke game art for each customer that is not found on any assets store
  • Delivering a mind-blowing plethora of art styles for every game requirement

Benefits of Choosing Slavna Game Studio for your 2D Game Art

Multi-Genre Expertise

Multi-Genre Expertise

Ability to create 2D game art in various genres for different games and platforms

Ready-to-Release Game

Ready-to-Release Game

We integrate the option of custom theme with the slot symbols in our slot games with distinct color shades and logos as per your specifications. Such an approach allows to have bespoke skins delivered in a very short period.

Unique Art Styles

Unique Art Styles

Focus on flat colors and clear lines with different styles – doodle art, pixel art, flat art, monochromatic art, vector art, cutout art and more

Innovation with Animation

Innovation with Animation

2D game art artists who create exceptional animations to target your players worldwide

Proven Design Capabilities

Proven Design Capabilities

Well-functioning and optimized software, eye-pleasing design, intuitive UI/UX interface and player friendly features

Access to the Latest Technological Resources

Access to the Latest Technological Resources

Leveraging up-to-date tools and certified and trusted programs for your 2D game art

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Why Choose Slavna Game Studio?









2D Game Art Outsourcing

2D represents a composition with length and width but without depth and is often produced on a flat surface. It comprises various artworks like comics, photography, graphic design, drawing, illustrations, etc. Primarily, 2D art can be divided into traditional and digital categories. In the gaming zone, digital 2D art has transformed experiences for players in many ways. artists are creating breath-taking virtual worlds in casual and platform games.

With 2D game art, you can attract your players and help them stay for longer on the games. With the right 2D game environment design, your idea can reach more people and offer a higher return on investment. 2D games are closely related to the mechanisms and commands of the characters, and simplicity plays a significant role in making them a success.

The ease of 2D games makes them a hit with beginners and brings in more audiences for any gaming company. If you want to take your game idea further, our 2D game art solutions are ideal for converting it into a charming game design.

While it is possible to do your 2D game art in-house, opting for a 2D game art outsourcing studio offers multiple advantages. Firstly, it simplifies the art process and makes it more smooth and more effective than in your office. Additionally, your team can focus on more important activities like sales or marketing while artists with extensive experience can work on the art. Also, when you have a strategic vision and plan and work with an outsourcing studio that handles the project effectively, it reduces your timelines. Finally, it ensures maximum return on your investments by hiring external resources.

Above all, you get access to the best talent in the industry without having to hire them full-time. The results are phenomenal, and it will impact your game’s appearance in more ways than one!

At Slavna Game Studio, we offer multiple 2D game art solutions like 2D character design services, 2D game environment design and more at an affordable price point. Depending on your requirements and the nature of your game and 2D game art design and development needs, we can offer the best package for your game. Please get in touch with our experts for a detailed quotation.

It can be challenging to find a 2D game artist with relevant experience. While the internet can help, it offers multiple options, and gaming companies can be spoilt for choice. The best way is to look for referrals and trust reliable online sources. You can even check out online services and platforms that offer various companies’ information on their skill levels. Once you narrow down a few companies, it is wise to ask for their 2D game art portfolio and check the skills of sketching, mechanics and art production processes. You can even interview some companies to understand their process from conceptualization to final execution.

At Slavna Game Studio, we take pride in being one of the top 2D game art outsourcing companies with a lot of experience by our side. As a result, we can share our solid games portfolio with you to help you make your decision.

If you have something in mind and want to discuss ideas with our design team, we’re happy to set up a meeting for the same!

FAQ | Slavna Studio

Expertise & Technologies


product management
Product Management
project management
Project Management
art and animations
Art & Animations
front end development
FE Development
back end development
BE Development
third party integrations
3rd Party Integrations
quality assurance
Quality Assurance


2D 3D graphics
2D/3D Graphics
2D/3D Animation
concept creation
Concept Creation
after effects
After Effects
ui ux design
UI/UX design
Spine Animation




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Various Services We Offer

Our 100+ designers and engineers are well equipped to offer end to end gaming service that suits your game development needs

Game outsourcing studio

Casino Game Development

We provide full-cycle game development services starting with design, animations, 2D artwork or 3D modeling, game UI/UX, programming & testing, with the delivery & support. We offer games as out-of-the-box solutions or as fully themed & customized games.

Casino Operator

Slavna Game Studio has vast experience in multiplayer social game development, Facebook games, online gamesand much more. Our extensive services include developing proprietary games, back-office customization with advanced management tools.

multiplayer games
Online games

Sports Betting

We provide a complete and time-tested solution for delivering betting odds, scores, and real-time settlements, covering all major sports events, data aggregation, specifically designed to help bookmakers and platform providers to diversify the offering.

Lottery & Bingo

Our dedicated team is experienced in implementations, innovations, retail programs, interactive solutions, advanced technology and managed services that help maximize lottery and bingo games revenues, profits and operations.

Facebook games
social game development

Game Design and Development

Slavna Game Studio has vast experience in developing multiplayer social games, Facebook games and much more. Our extensive services include developing proprietary games, back-office customization with advanced management tools.

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