Monthly Snapshot: UK becomes world’s largest online gambling market with $12.5bn in revenue

Online Gambling is projected to reach the size of $92.9 billion this year. Although casinos have been around for more than 20 years, their popularity and level of competition just recently reached new heights.

The gambling industry is anticipated to keep expanding, and our monthly newsletter “Monthly Snapshot” will continue to provide you with information on the most recent advancements, industry trends, events, past-future statistics, and growth predictions for the gaming, gambling, and sports betting sectors.

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Gambling News

UK becomes world’s largest online gambling market with $12.5bn in revenue
Despite the shocking cost gambling addiction has on the United Kingdom’s government and society, the scale of industry in the country continues to grow.

How the Increased Use of Mobile Phones Changed the Gambling Market
Smartphones and other gadgets have reshaped the community during the last few years, and different industries needed to change to fulfill new technological requirements.

Data shows sports betting was up 70% in US for 2022
According to research by Sportsbook Review, the sports betting market in the USA totalled $74bn in 2022 – up 70% from 2021’s $44bn.

Crypto News

Tech Innovations Enhancing Modern Online Casino
The online gambling industry is expected to grow to a $92.9 billion market value this year. But while casinos have been around for over two decades, their popularity and competitiveness have only hit the stratosphere in recent years.

UK Treasury Will Soon Introduce a National Cryptocurrency
UK Treasury will introduce a national cryptocurrency. The economic secretary to the Treasury said “The government is considering introducing a national cryptocurrency or digital pound.”

Blockchain Platforms Reimagining the Online Casino Space
UK – The online gambling industry is in a significant period of change due to the rise in blockchain-based casino platforms. These platforms are built on blockchain technology, which makes for safe, transparent transactions.

Gaming News

The Top 10 mobile games industry trends for 2023 and beyond
It’s the start of a brand new year and the perfect time to start looking ahead at what’s to come in 2023. And let’s start with the good news. The mobile games market remains the most profitable sector of the games industry at $92.2 billion in 2022, according to Newzoo.

Harnessing modern multiplayer with Unity Gaming Services
Multiplayer has been part of the video game medium since its early years. Even back at the dawn of the 1970s, networked video games existed on the PLATO computer system – a technology that would also help found concepts like email, forums, screen sharing and online testing.

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