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Full-Cycle Game Development Company in USA (Texas)

Slavna Game Studio provides full-cycle game development services starting with design, animations, 2D artwork or 3D modelling, game UI/UX, programming and testing, all the way through to delivery and support. Our Game development studio offers games as out-of-the-box solutions or as fully themed and customized game versions. We can cover any role in your game development process and supplement your team or you can fully outsource your game development needs making it easy and hassle-free like never before.

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Unique Game Development Services

When it comes to Game Development Studio, reputation matters the most. Slavna Game Studio has a fantastic track record of developing variety of games for various platforms. We offer unique product solutions including our proprietary slots platform, table games, multiplayer card games, multiplayer game development services, mobile game development and other high-quality gambling solutions that are both entertaining and visually stunning. Utilizing our gaming platform, we can develop an exclusive proprietary game branded for you.

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Game Development Studio

Our game development process involves the following three phases :

Pre-production stage:
  • Designers turn your concept plan into a detailed design document that describes general aims of the game and what needs to be established.
  • After everything is specified and documented the programmers decide what codes, software, engine, and technology should be used.
  • Then artists make some sketches and physically implement basic ideas. A detailed project plan in prepared by the team.
Actual production of the game:
  • We start developing on the gaming modules. Using scrum methodology and scrum principles, We prioritize the most crucial parts and move it on too early sprints. Start creating the art-assets, background/environments, animations, visual-effects.
  • We review each sprint & work on the feedback, optimize, test, and integrate all the modules.

Post-production involves patching any post-game bugs, working on any post-game content. Post-production work involves developing in-game patches and downloadable content.

It could take as little as six weeks to develop a game. However, the high user expectations and requirements of modern commercial games require large team to work together. A team of over a hundred people can be employed full-time for a single project. We can share a detailed plan and timeline based on your game requirement.

Designing a game involves a creative team that ideates the overall design of a video game. This means that designers are the people that create the initial framework for what will become the final product. While game development involves taking the design specifications of the game designers, integrating the art and sound, and translating it all into a playable game. Doing this requires a lot of mathematics, logic, and computer skills, particularly in programming languages, scripting languages and application programming interfaces or APIs.

Outsourcing to game development company has following benefits:

Cost efficiency

The main reason why many studios outsource games is to save on costs. There are heavy costs involved in game development but when you outsource, you pay one package for all the processes involved which are cheaper. You also save the cost of building a game development team and aligning them to your needs.


Game development outsourcing is experienced in game development; With set processes and experience they help you avoid common pitfalls that you might experience. Thus, you save time and effort which you can use to focus on other areas of business.

Hassle-free process

Game development is complex, and it can be quite stressful and challenging. Outsourcing ensures you do not have to supervise the game development process. This makes developing a game hassle-free for you.

Reduced risks

The gaming industry faces high employee turnover. Employees leaving in the middle of game development affects the pace and results of overall. With outsourcing, you reduce the risks involved when employees leave the business at Slavna we are equipped to ensure resource availability to manage game development efficiently.

Implementation of new technologies

The gaming world keeps on changing. New technologies are needed to help remain competitive in the market. Most companies find it hard to keep up with new emerging gaming technologies. At Slavna we work with many clients this keeps us on toes and we continuously upgrade ourselves to learn new tech in the gaming world.

Typical services offered by a game development company are

  • Full theme and customised game development
  • Theme and game assets designing
  • Core and casual game designing
  • 2D and 3D game programming, development, and modification
  • Seamless integration of advanced gaming features and game porting
  • Social media games and integration of social media with game
  • Multiplayer games and single Player games development
  • Some companies like Slavna also offer product solutions like proprietary slots platform, table games, multiplayer card games and full-scale backend support for online gaming operations

For design needs, Slavna uses a licenced pack of Adobe Tools like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Spine tool for animations, etc. We use technologies like HTML 5, Javascript, Typescript, Pixi, Phaser, Cocos, Angular, Flash, React, Unity etc in front end development. Also for backend, we use Node.JS, PHP, JAVA, .Net etc. Along with these, we are able to keep most of the related 3rd Party Integrations. And finally, Quality Assurance is the major part of the finalization of each product to deliver the best in class quality.

When making your game we don’t settle for generic, but instead, create something new. We explore some new themes and ideas and give them a big twist. The games that spark curiosity and give us new worlds are the ones that are remembered, and we ensure we create game that are remembered.

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Product Management
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Project Management
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Art & Animations
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FE Development
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BE Development
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3rd Party Integrations
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Quality Assurance


2D 3D graphics
2D/3D Graphics
2D/3D Animation
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Concept Creation
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After Effects
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UI/UX design
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Various Services We Offer

Our 100+ designers and engineers are well equipped to offer end to end gaming service that suits your game development needs

Game outsourcing studio

Casino Game Development

We provide full-cycle game development services starting with design, animations, 2D artwork or 3D modeling, game UI/UX, programming & testing, with the delivery & support. We offer games as out-of-the-box solutions or as fully themed & customized games.

Casino Operator

Slavna Game Studio has vast experience in multiplayer social game development, Facebook games, online gamesand much more. Our extensive services include developing proprietary games, back-office customization with advanced management tools.

multiplayer games
Online games

Sports Betting

We provide a complete and time-tested solution for delivering betting odds, scores, and real-time settlements, covering all major sports events, data aggregation, specifically designed to help bookmakers and platform providers to diversify the offering.

Lottery & Bingo

Our dedicated team is experienced in implementations, innovations, retail programs, interactive solutions, advanced technology and managed services that help maximize lottery and bingo games revenues, profits and operations.

Facebook games
social game development

Game Design and Development

Slavna Game Studio has vast experience in developing multiplayer social games, Facebook games and much more. Our extensive services include developing proprietary games, back-office customization with advanced management tools.

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