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Introduction to Slavna’s Android Game Development

Slavna Game Studio has a team of Android Game Developers and Designers who’ll help you build the game of your imagination. From the game idea to the market-ready product, our team of experts has got you covered for every development need.

The time for Android Games has never been perfect. The Android Gaming Industry is the hottest and most booming industry in technology. And Slavna will help your business capture the essence.

Our development team is an expert in technology and tools from Unity to Unreal Engine, Python to Photon, Azure to AWS, and Java to Google App Engine. We develop best-in-feature and technology games that not only rank high but are also liked by users.

You’ve reached the one-stop destination for Android Game Development Services

Features of Android Mobile Game App Development Company

Apart from these benefits, there are some amazing features the Android platform offers that make it the best choice for game development.

Integrated Development Environment

To make cross-platform game development productive and smoother, it offers a set of extensions. This helps to configure, load, switch and develop games between different IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) easier.

Google-authored plugins

Direct access to the latest Google-authored plugins for the most popular cross-platform game engine Unity.

Android GPU inspector

Android GPU inspector for improved graphics performance on A ndroid across several GPUs: Qualcomm® Adreno™, Arm® Mali™, and Imagination® PowerVR™.

Android Bridge Debug

No more headaches with longer upload time for APKs. I nstalling and updating APKs are now quicker and easier with Android Bridge Debug incremental.

Highlights of Slavna’s Android Game Development Services

  • Award Winning Android Game Development Company with 120+ games massive experience under the belt.
  • 100+ ultimate experts to take care of your design and development needs
  • Develop once and use on multiple platforms such different operating systems and web platforms
  • 100% Projects delivered with End-to-End solutions and support
  • Customized solutions and services for your business

The Android Game Development Services we offer

Unity Android Game Development

Unity Android Game Development

Cross platform game engine will allow you to leverage your game on multiple platforms without hassle. Build better games with our Unity 3D app development services. Build once, reach millions.

Android 2D & 3D Game Development

Android 2D & 3D Game Development

Whether you want to develop simple and elegant 2D games or highly creative and complex 3D games, Slavna Game Studio may help you with everything from ideating games to maintaining them after the development.

Android UI/UX Design

Android UI/UX Design

From attractive graphics to addictive game scenarios, our UI/UX designers work round the clock to deliver the best gaming experience to your game players. We design and develop a game in a way it is appealing and comfortable to play for all age groups.

Android Game Development Maintenance

Android Game Development Maintenance

Keeping your game up to date with the latest technology, features and platforms to fix errors; our maintenance service runs round the clock to make sure your game is up and running without fail.

Customized Android Games

Customized Android Games

Want to design an exclusive service pack as per your design and development needs? We got you! Reach out to us and we’ll offer the best-in-class solution for your business needs.

Android Game Advancements

Android Game Advancements

Looking to upgrade your game? Want to add new features to your existing game? Slavna Game Studio is here for you.

Benefits of choosing Slavna Game Studio for your
Android Game App Development Company

  • Seamless and constant communication.
  • Effortlessly customize and scale the game
  • Robust, scalable, and top-quality solutions
  • Value-driven and cost-effective solutions suitable for your business and budget
  • Best in industry and technology services
  • On-time delivery

Tools for Android Game Development

Slavna Game Developers excel in a variety of android game development tools. From Unity to Unreal engine, we work efficiently on every android game development tool out there.



Create amazing 2D and 3D games with this most popular tool.

Marmalade SDK

Marmalade SDK

Finest option to develop wonderful graphics and develop games on both mobile and desktop.



This cross-platform super powerful tool offers solutions to develop any kind of android games.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

The most popular and efficient game development tool for creating 3D games with visually stunning graphics.

Construct 2

Construct 2

Develop pleasing and appealing 2D games in the shortest time with Construct 2.

Clickteam Fusion

Clickteam Fusion

Develop best in class event-based games with attractive graphics using Clickteam Fusion

Amazon LumberYard

Amazon LumberYard

Create visually rich games with the help of Twitch integration with this official Amazon development tool.

Cocos - 20X

Cocos - 20X

Best development tool out there to develop small size 2D games.

Turn your Idea into a Popular & Successful Android Game

Why choose Slavna Game Studio for your Android Game Development

There are hundreds of Android Game Development Services out there, then why choose?

Because, from the breathtaking visual effects to un-breakable world security, this Android Game App Development
Company got you covered for everything.

Slavna is a “Done-For-You” Android Game Development Company. All you have to do is tell us the idea you have in your mind, and we’ll serve you a hot and running game on the platter. Without needing to lift a finger, except to try the game when it’s ready!

Let us show you some of the finest achievements of our innovative Android Game Development Services.

Why Choose Slavna Game Development?









Android Game Development

The time to develop any android game is depends on the complexity it involves. Game development involves many stages ideation, design, programming, testing and review. And at Slavna, our aim is to deliver high quality and highly efficient games to you. And so, depending on the size and creativity your game idea involves, the time will vary for simple to complex games. But to give you an idea, simple game would take 3-4 months to be release ready whereas an average game would take around 6-9 months for being ready to be published to Play Store. Click here to get tips about mobile game outsourcing.

The cost and resources required to develop any android game depend on the complexity and layers it involves. A team of 3-5 Game experts is enough for a simple game, but for highly creative games, it may need 10-15 Game experts. Also, other factors that need to be considered while calculating the cost are the requirement of platforms and tools, the deadline for finishing the product and many other technical aspects. To know the exact valuation, and do and don’ts of mobile game development we advise you to contact us so that we can give you an exclusive and customized quote for your business.

    To deliver high-quality games, we follow a very strict and highly efficient step by step-by-step framework. Here’s what our 15-step Game Development Service process looks like.

  • Help you come up with a successful game idea or refine your existing game idea.
  • Build an engaging and entertaining game story.
  • Using the game storyline, create a game concept
  • Choose the game engine, platform, and tools
  • Build the game design document relevant to the game concept, engine, and tools.
  • Create a game structure according to the above documentation
  • Design relevant game wireframes.
  • Programming and coding of an actual game.
  • Mobile game testing in real-time
  • Review and Revision of the game
  • Finalizing the game
  • Releasing the game
  • Supporting and maintaining the game
  • Working on new features and updates for the game

Yes, our Slavna team of experts will help you take care of every little technical aspect of your game once it’s been launched and out in the real world. From Resolving errors to Improving features, introducing new updates and providing real-time support; we offer every kind of support and maintenance your game will require post-launch.

There are many qualitative IDEs suitable for every game development need, such as Android Studio, Visual Studio, Unreal Engine, AIDE, DroidScript, Android Web Developer (AWD), CPP Drive, Java Suite, Eclipse and many more.

FAQ | Slavna Studio

Expertise & Technologies


product management
Product Management
project management
Project Management
art and animations
Art & Animations
front end development
FE Development
back end development
BE Development
third party integrations
3rd Party Integrations
quality assurance
Quality Assurance


2D 3D graphics
2D/3D Graphics
2D/3D Animation
concept creation
Concept Creation
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After Effects
ui ux design
UI/UX design
Spine Animation




Ruby on Rails


Various Services We Offer

Our 100+ designers and engineers are well equipped to offer end to end gaming service that suits your game development needs

Game outsourcing studio

Casino Game Development

We provide full-cycle game development services starting with design, animations, 2D artwork or 3D modeling, game UI/UX, programming & testing, with the delivery & support. We offer games as out-of-the-box solutions or as fully themed & customized games.

Casino Operator

Slavna Game Studio has vast experience in multiplayer social game development, Facebook games, online gamesand much more. Our extensive services include developing proprietary games, back-office customization with advanced management tools.

multiplayer games
Online games

Sports Betting

We provide a complete and time-tested solution for delivering betting odds, scores, and real-time settlements, covering all major sports events, data aggregation, specifically designed to help bookmakers and platform providers to diversify the offering.

Lottery & Bingo

Our dedicated team is experienced in implementations, innovations, retail programs, interactive solutions, advanced technology and managed services that help maximize lottery and bingo games revenues, profits and operations.

Facebook games
social game development

Game Design and Development

Slavna Game Studio has vast experience in developing multiplayer social games, Facebook games and much more. Our extensive services include developing proprietary games, back-office customization with advanced management tools.

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