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Slavna’s Hyper Casual Game Art Design

Hyper casual game art design is known for some key characteristics – simple design, quick gameplay sessions, minimal game mechanics and easy-to-solve levels. The basic controls with repetitive gameplay enable your players to start the game within seconds. Also, these games promise user engagement as the fundamental challenges offer a progressive intensification.

At Slavna Game Studio, we offer Hyper Casual Game Art outsourcing with lightweight and intuitive game environment design that will instantly appeal to all types of users and engage them in hours of play sessions.

You’ve reached the one-stop destination for Hyper Casual Game Art Design Services

Develop Astonishing Hyper Casual Games with Slavna

Hyper casual games became a market sensation ever since they were introduced in mobile gaming. Simple gameplay is the core differentiator in hyper casual game art design at Slavna, we do simplicity perfectly. We’ve been raising the bar to develop next-level casual game art for our clients. Our services include full cycle hyper casual game development with different game mechanics, bright designs, and optimum performance. By using the most efficient tech stack for building robust and engaging games, you can be assured that your players will be involved in the game for a healthy amount of time.

Since these are mass-oriented games, they can reach millions of installations and earn thousands in revenue in spite of the small production costs. If you have a great game idea, hire a casual game artist or development team at Slavna to make it a reality.

Platforms for which we develop hyper casual game art

Online Social Platforms
Online Social Platforms
Android and iOS Devices
Android and iOS Devices
PC and Game Consoles
Pc and Game Consoles

Slavna’s Hyper Casual Game Art Design and Development Services

  • Latest Technologies Including HTML5, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.
  • Future-Proof Architecture that Allows Scalability
  • Attractive UI/UX Game Design for Best Experience
  • Simple Eye-Catching Art and Animations that Assure Higher Engagement End-to-End Support and Maintenance to Improve Gameplay

Benefits of Choosing Slavna Game Studio for your
Hyper Casual Game Art Services and Design

Aesthetic Visuals

Aesthetic Visuals

Hyper casual games benefit from our minimalist visual experiences that are equally bright and beautiful. We focus on space dynamics and include a relevant colour palette

Monetization Integration

Games for iOS and Android

We can help you build games for iOS and Android at competitive cost

Optimized Game Mechanics

Optimized Game Mechanics

Game mechanics are the fundamental challenges that make the player experience more compelling and inspires them to spend more time on the game

High Retention Rate

High Retention Rate

Backed by exceptional casual game character design and unique challenges, we promise high retention rates from your players

Transparent and Reliable Partnership

Transparent and Reliable Partnership

Our team ensures complete satisfaction for all our projects and emphasizes open dialogue, building long-term relationships

Following the Latest Trends

Following the Latest Trends

We’ve built a knowledge base about the most suitable mechanics, win-win visuals and trending designs to help you get maximum downloads

Seamless Animations

Seamless Animations

Hyper Casual Games are all about simplicity and thus, our gaming animations engage your players for longer with exclusive animations

Monetization Integration

Monetization Integration

We help you monetize your games with analytical integration as well. We bring you third-party SDKs and APIs for optimum results

Looking for the right Casual Mobile Game Art Outsourcing Company?

Why Choose Slavna Game Development?









Hyper Casual Game Art Design and Development

Casual game UI design is defined by its simplicity and casual art is often used for games that don’t require much time to play. They are extremely popular in the App store and Play Markets because of the simple mechanics and ease of gameplay. The core artwork is determined by the simple design, colourful objects, thematic creations, and bright and beautiful visual appeal. Since people of all ages and genders play these games, the design is often developed for mass consumption. They are easily adaptable with simple features and unique designs. Quality is often the focus in hyper casual game art design.

The games are also intuitive, fast to start and lightweight. At Slavna Game Studio, we’re a casual game art design company that understands the intricacies of format and help create striking designs that make a lasting impression on your players.

When you work with a casual mobile game art outsourcing company, you get access to the finest artists who have the experience and expertise to design your game art beautifully. Over 78% of business owners now prefer an outsourcing relationship rather than conventional hiring as it offers profitable outcomes. You can choose between different hourly rates, pick the level of expertise, and check multiple portfolios before you decide. It also enables you to increase your team’s productivity and leave the design to the experts.

Above all, hiring a casual game art outsourcing company will help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve risk management. Not to mention, you’ll receive some fabulous game concept art and causal game character design from artists that will help you make your game more popular!

When you’re working on your hyper casual game, try to brainstorm new ideas and look for universal themes that appeal to most cultures and age groups. Look for something unique that will offer a different experience to your players. The most important aspect while designing is to start with the gameplay first, and then build the theme and story. If great game mechanics can delight your players, they will automatically engage with the theme as well.

Your game mechanics can make or break your hyper casual games. Puzzle, stacking, or swerving are good places to begin with! Also, when designing the game, add some challenges but don’t make them too difficult. If any action takes longer than 15 minutes, your players might not return.

Want to know how Slavna achieves the best casual game UI design? Talk to our experts today!

The cost of hyper casual game design varies based on your individual project and the functionality expected in the game. On start , the service can cost from tens thousand dollars for single platforms – either iOS or Android with basic functionality and features. For companies that want to opt for advanced features and support for various platforms, the costs can go up to thousand dollars . However, we request you to please share your exact requirement with our team for a specific detailed quotation from our studio.

Hyper casual games are relatively easy to produce and ensure a high level of entertainment with repeat playing value. The games generate maximum revenue from in-app ads rather than in-app purchases. When companies can quickly design and publish the game, the goal is often to acquire as many users as possible. Since the games have a wide audience and are often addictive, there are high chances that you will receive a lot of returns on your investment.

If you’d like to explore the world of gaming with an assured model, hyper casual games are profitable. You can trust the expertise of our hyper casual game designers and artists to know more about the game structures and revenue models.

We can help you in casual game character design with development of memorable characters that will become the hallmark of your game. Our environment design will attracts your users and Causal Game character design encourages them to play for longer durations. Above all, our team is an expert in UI design and can create rich and vibrant interface features. With simple and easy navigation, you can surprise your players at every stage.

Slavna Game Studio is trusted by some of the world’s top customers and we have worked with major brands to deliver high engagement and profitability. Most of our game artists are senior professionals with extensive experience in working on projects with high complexities.

Our well-organized operations and processes ensure that your game is always delivered on time and within the designated budget. You will have an open access to the whole design and development process from A to Z. Ready to experience the difference with Slavna? Contact us today! Or read our latest blog.

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