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Successful iGaming and Gambling Affiliate Management: New eBook Released

Plano, TX – Oct 1, 2021Affiliate programs are highly effective in driving relevant traffic and aiding growth for online casinos and sports betting websites, but the widespread frauds make successful affiliate implementation difficult.

Slavna Game Studio, a leading professional and technical services provider for end-to-end game development has released a free guide “Successful iGaming and Gambling Affiliate Management”. This eBook sheds light on how affiliates typically conduct fraud and suggests actionable solutions for gaming operators to safeguard themselves from the risks and create an effective affiliate strategy for business growth.

Slavna experts have shared their experience on wide range of affiliate topics in this eBook as detailed below

  • How Affiliates Exploit Payment Models?
  • What is Bonus Abuse?
  • Actionable Ways to Mitigate Affiliate Fraud
  • Successful iGaming & Gambling Management

Announcing the launch of the eBook, Maksim Masley, President, Slavna Game Studio said “Affiliate Marketing has helped numerous online casino and iGaming companies to attract vast and relevant traffic. The success of an Affiliate program depends on its cautious implementation. This eBook gives you vital inputs for creating and running successful affiliate marketing programs.”

You can download the eBook by visiting the Slavna game studio website.

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