Monthly Snapshot: Legal Sports Betting Won’t Be Coming to Maine This Year

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The major highlights include removal of third-party cookies and its impact on iGaming industry, News about sports betters preferring women sports in the Olympics and announcing IPO price.

More people betting on women’s sports during Olympics at DraftKings than ever
The market for betting on women’s sports continues to grow, and the numbers show more people than ever are interested in both genders..

Pennsylvania Casino Gamblers Moving Online Permanently
Pennsylvania is the nation’s second-richest gaming state in terms of total gross revenue. But one analyst is concerned that some of the play has moved online permanently in the wake of the pandemic.

Event Alert: Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #5 (Online)
Pocket Gamer LaunchPad offers a brand-new way for publishers and developers to create buzz around their games to a massive audience, be they recent launches, upcoming titles, significant updates to existing games. There are plenty of opportunities for Publishers and Developers to promote their game as a partner or sponsor.

A future without third-party cookies: What could this mean for the iGaming business?While it is clear there is no chance the absence of third-party cookies will see the end of affiliate marketing, it is definitely going to have an impact on it. Especially since the use of third-party cookies is such a widespread practice in the affiliate marketing world

Legal Sports Betting Won’t Be Coming to Maine This Year
Twenty days after the Maine House Voted to enact a legal sports betting bill, the Senate adjourned for the summer while failing to act on it, leaving LD 1352 on the Appropriations Table. It can only be reconsidered when the legislature reconvenes for the next regular session of the 130th legislative session, which opens on Jan. 5, 2022.

Massachusetts Inches Closer to Legal Sports Betting as Lawmakers Approve Bill H3977
Massachusetts House Representatives have voted 156-3 in favor of bill H3977 that would see both mobile and retail sports betting legalized in the state. The bill will now go before the Senate where it may face some further amendments relating to betting on college sports.

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