Choosing Between White Label or Custom-Made Casinos

The online gaming market is growing at a phenomenal pace. It was valued at $58.9 billion only two years ago and will double and nearly touch $92.9 billion by 2023, as predicted by Statista. This robust growth cycle has seen its natural expansionary implications, with many operators aggressively entering the e-gaming market by introducing their online casino platforms.

If you happen to be among the ambitious players attempting to enter this fast-crowding marketplace, one of the first few critical business decisions you need to make is to develop the core of your platform and get started with the licensing process.
Primarily, two options emerge for any beginner – One, opting for White Label Casinos, and two, going for Custom Made options.

This article sheds light on both these popular choices for incumbent operators by delving into their pros and cons in detail. Hopefully, this blog will better equip you to make a well-rounded decision for your upcoming e-gaming venture. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What is White Label e-Casinos?

White Label Casinos essentially function as a plug-and-play casino starter kit. They include an already built casino backend platform that is ready for deployment with some basic re-branding iterations. Along with this, other ancillary requirements to function an e-casino such as operating license, hosting, payment system, and technical help are also a part of a typical white label casino package.
Without a doubt, White Label forms one of the simplest ways to get started with this business. In principle, it works as an affiliate program. At the end of the tenure, the operator and white label services provider, as per the agreement, have to split the received revenue.

What is Custom Made e-Casinos?

As the name suggests, Custom Made Casinos are essentially built from scratch platforms to facilitate the infrastructure. This type offers complete autonomy to the gaming operators to develop their e-casino as per their unique business vision and specific target audience’s preferences.
Once built, it comes with great flexibility and offers complete ownership and control of the e-casino to those investing.

Comparative Analysis of White Label & Custom-Made e-Casinos

Choosing an appropriate e-gaming model for your upcoming casino business is quite a trade-off and must be made after considering a set of significant factors. Here’s a comparison of the two options based on the key parameters:

Speed of Execution

In terms of speed, since the White Label Casino is already pre-built, it is much faster to deliver it to the market. Moreover, it comes along with ready licenses, which can be an arduous, time-consuming affair.
Custom-made casinos have a comparatively longer cycle time to come to fruition. However, if well built – the initial extra time to create it is well justified, and long-term onboard branding benefits the business.

Commercial Aspect

White Label Casinos typically come with a fixed budgetary requirement in terms of setup costs and administration fees. Their working model usually requires the partner to share revenues, usually around 500-80 percent as the standard-market norm.
Custom Casinos could vary in their cost structure depending on the design, interface, and features one is opting for and the quality of the development team hired for the job. They may or may not be more expensive than the White Label ready-to-play options. It all depends on what exactly one chooses. There is no concept of sharing revenues with the developer, and all the profits belong to the business operator himself.

Ready Market Knowledge

Due to their specialized expertise in the business, White Label Casino providers come with extensive knowledge of the domain’s different laws and regulations. A pool of ready expertise may be particularly beneficial for those operators who’re very new to the gaming landscape and could benefit from hand holding that happens in the White Label model.
For those choosing Custom Made Casinos, extra effort may be needed to research deeply about the domain and practically learn about the marketplace’s fine lines.

Freedom & Ownership Rights

Since White Label Casinos essentially function on a set of pre-existing templates, there are a significant number of restrictions that come for those who opt for it. These could be related to the possible product iterations or even the choices concerning marketing or promotions as per the white label service provider’s policy.
On the other hand, Custom Casinos offer unrestricted freedom in designing the end product and guarantee completely autonomous ownership. One may introduce exciting and innovative features, graphics, and designs of choice and complete flexibility in adding or subtracting options or marketing them as per their will and specific business goals.

Ability to Stand Out

White Label Casinos offer limited flexibility for design and customization. On the other hand, as Custom Made casinos require development from scratch, they come with immense freedom of introducing innovations and variations in the casino development design.
Customized designs may help stand out from the typical template-based e-casinos flooded online and make a sharper impact on the end consumer’s mind without any compromise. This differential impact could be from the UI, UX, or even the flexibility of different preferable payment options present on the platform.

What should I choose for my upcoming venture?

There doesn’t exist a correct vanilla answer to this question. The right choice depends on the budget for the venture, the preferred timeline, and the overall business vision.
For those with little experience who are looking just to get started and explore the domain, White Label could be a simpler steppingstone. On the other hand, for those looking to transform the landscape by offering some unique and innovative experiences and building a remarkable brand, Custom made options could fit better while rendering unmatched freedom and control.

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