online casino evaluation

Evaluation of an Online Casino

Need for an Evaluation:

As social distancing restrictions shut all the physical casinos, the already booming online gambling businesses gained further traction in the last 18 months. Now online gambling business is reaching new heights and is expected to touch USD 127.3 billion, with a growth rate of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027, as per Grand View Research Inc.

To retain this new wave of players flooding the online casino and gambling industry, business stakeholders need to ensure a satisfactory player experience. A Bain and Company study shows that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95%. That’s why it is crucial to understand factors that contribute to the optimal user experience resulting in player retention. Any business decision-makers must identify, regularly assess, and improve these factors to stay ahead of the competition.

Evaluation Factors:

So, what are these factors? How do they affect user behaviour? How to assess and improve them? Slavna Game Studio has worked with several online casino companies over the past 12 years, and with that experience, our team has created this checklist to answer all these troubling questions. Sharing some insights to help owners, executives, and decision-makers impartially evaluate their online casinos to improve user experience.

1. Performance: 

The capability of any online casino to retain customers drives its ROI (Return on Investment). In the online casino business, games with higher user engagement often have high user retention and recall.

Thus, positive user engagement is the key to better performance for any online casino, which can be enhanced by analyzing at what stage the player exits the game or website and improving gameplay. The player exit data can reveal vital behavioural insights that can help adjust callouts, improve game recommendations, streamline navigation bars, and reorganize game listings and bonuses according to player’s interests.

At Slavna Game Studio, we have helped multiple companies fine-tune these aspects to improve online casino performance.

2. UI/UX: 

UI/UX is a crucial contributing factor in positive user engagement but getting it right is an uphill task. Attractive web design with bonus pop-ups is simply the tip of the iceberg; UI and UX have many points to consider. Here are few suggestions that can help you improve the user experience:

To make online casino games visually appealing, stick to visual design principles while taking advantage of visual hierarchy for positive UX.

Make your gaming website available in the preferred language of the target audience.

Optimize your online casino for mobile devices to take advantage of user traffic via mobile devices, which is at an all-time high.

Provide players with an opportunity to engage with online friends as gamers that participate in social networks are over 50% more likely to continue playing the game and keep coming back.

3. Ease of Transaction: 

In today’s world, the availability of multiple transaction methods has considerably increased the volume of online transactions. So, it is imperative for an online casino owner never to let gamers leave the website due to the absence of their preferred payment options. Availability of all the payment options like credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, etc., ensures a high conversion rate. At Slavna Game Studio, we help online casinos integrate various online payment options, including cryptocurrency. Know More.

Similarly, ease of withdrawal of winnings enhances credibility and positively impacts the player retention rate of any online casino.

4. Security: 

Security is the most critical parameter while evaluating any online casino. Any player providing financial details to the gambling websites expects it to be safe with online casinos.

Hackers and online fraudsters are always looking for websites with weak transactional security. These unethical individuals update their hacking algorithms with time, so it is crucial to update your website protection regularly.

Online casinos often succumb to fraud while collaborating with various affiliates to generate business. Employing various affiliate fraud detection tools to safeguard your online casino is highly essential.

Ensure that your payment gateway is reputed and secure. Assuring data privacy fosters player trust.

5. Regulatory: 

The primary purpose of gambling regulations is to ensure that all the gaming sites are lawful, ethical and treat the gamers fairly. Companies abiding by the rules increase players’ trust and guarantee safety, thereby boosting their online reputation.

Companies must meet specific standards to get the desired licenses and function under the relevant jurisdiction.

Future of Online Casino Industry

  • The global online casino market is increasing with a CAGR of 14.9%, and the current pandemic has accelerated the demand for online casino games.
  • Aspects like rapid increase in digitization and easy payment options will quickly drive this industry among the heavyweights.
  • The demand for mobile casino apps is at an all-time high, which will give a new direction to online casinos.

How Slavna Game Studio Can Help.

In our experience working with major online casinos, we have encountered multiple companies overlooking one or the other factors mentioned above. We have partnered with these online casinos to help them optimize their operations and improve efficiency.

At Slavna Game Studio, we help and advise online casinos on all aspects of the business and build technology to operate effectively.

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