Game Outsourcing Companies in USA

Ways to Collaborate with Game Outsourcing Companies

The success of your game can fuel the growth and the revenue of your platform within no time. Many mobile game companies are leveraging this segment’s potential to empower their platform and lend an intriguing and innovative appeal to their brand. There are numerous ways to collaborate with premium game outsourcing organizations, and the top ones have been mentioned in this article.

Crucial Factors to Know Before You Work with An External Game Outsourcing Company

Many small or big organizations resort to Outsourcing 2D or 3D game art or other specific business function. They either choose to have a handful of developers and outsource the complicated services so that they can entirely focus on their core business functions. There are certain factors that relate to this cause, which are worth considering before outsourcing the services for your business:

  • Cost-Saving- Operational costs of outsourcing services
  • Price Models– Analyse the cost and proposals offered by multiple vendors at a competitive range
  • Technology and Tools– Many game development outsourcing companies indulge in the best measures for offering outsourcing solutions. Make sure to analyze each one of them carefully before making a decision
  • Deadlines– Since the beginning, remain open about the deadlines for essential time limits to avoid consequences

The Importance of Briefing in a Project

Before approaching any 3D or 2D game art outsourcing company, it is crucial to have a project brief to understand the developing company or developer’s capabilities and project quote. It is extremely difficult to estimate something precisely in an entirely new project in gaming. Thus, briefing a project in the early days of project planning will help you plan every step carefully without compromising the project development cycle. You can ask the outsourcing company to prepare and share the project brief before going further. Reputed game design companies believe in presenting project briefs to help businesses to understand the core concepts of their gaming projects like-

  • The genre and the mechanics of the game
  • Graphical assets, sound, animation, resolution, and many other components of the project
  • 2 or 3-dimensional art of the project
  • Concept, art, and style references for the project

Preparation of A Non-Disclosure Agreement

You must only consider those computer game companies that offer non-disclosure agreements to you. Preparing non-disclosure agreements before initiating a project helps you to establish the boundaries of your project, along with protecting its confidentiality. If you are new to the field of outsourcing gaming projects, then you can have a reference via the non-disclosure agreement samples. You can also prefer the safest method by which you can get the agreement formulated by dedicated or autonomous companies who actually understand the specific software in your region.

Dedicated Project Management and Adjustments

Very often, it is seen that in outsourcing the gaming projects, project management and adjustments are not specified in the company’s rates. You have to make sure to ask the outsourcing partner or company about the dedicated project management and adjustment in their services. This is because it is the core component that any game development company offers to its clients and mainstream services. If you have a dedicated professional team or individuals to back your game development project, then you can swiftly monitor your internal operations and business processes. More importantly, it will help you get timely updates as well as the implementation guidelines for your project.

How to Tackle If The Project Has A Large Number Of Graphical Assets

If your game project has multiple components and graphical assets, then you can consider getting an art style guide for it. Before starting the actual development and implementation of the project, it is a must to have an art style guide. However, you can use similar components to make sure that your project comes out in a fine and detailed style, no matter how large its graphical asset numbers are.

Check If Your Game Outsourcing Partner Can Cover Your Specific Needs

Before finalizing the deal, make sure to check the specifications and the mentioned assets that are associated with your project. In the aforementioned segment, the utility and the implementation of project briefs have been clearly explained. However, you can consider it all again, to eliminate the chances of error or any other misleading information. The most renowned outsourcing game development companies will save you from this fault or incorrectness. However, to ensure the success of the project, it is important to check whether your outsourcing partner can fulfill your requirements without any error. While getting the project brief, you can specify your project expectations so that the partner company can have a transparent understanding of the same.


With the help of dedicated game outsourcing companies, you can always remain at the forefront of discussions, helping you make the required adjustments to shape your final project. On the other hand, it will also help you eliminate the chances of paying overheads or any upfront costs that might increase your overall expenses. Connect with Slavna for more details