Ways Affiliate Marketing can help grow your Online Casino Business

Ways Affiliate Marketing can help grow your Online Casino Business

The Online Casino Business is expected to grow to more than $100 Billion by the year 2025. The gambling industry is seeing a rapid compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12%. To enhance the growth of online casinos, one of the main factors responsible is affiliate marketing.

Businesses today are going through a total revamp due to digitalization. There are 6.4 billion smartphone users out of which 4.66 billion are internet users. It only makes sense for companies to be where their consumers are hanging out, and that is on the internet. Companies that went online have seen a surge in their business, and online casinos are no different. There are various ways for advertising online and affiliate marketing is one such way that has garnered the best results for Casino Businesses online.

What is Affiliate Marketing, and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model; wherein a third-party publisher promotes a brand’s product or service. This advertising model is performance-based, meaning the brand only pays to the publisher/affiliate when they get desired results in the form of traffic, sales, or revenue.

But the major catch in Casino Business is that the affiliate marketer needs to have a strong influence and social proof to generate that level of qualified leads. Having a prominent and renowned brand as an affiliate attracts more customers and builds trust as they have years of experience and credibility attached to their names.

Top iGambling Businesses are leveraging affiliate marketing to grow and generate insanely huge profits.
Here’s how?

The Online Casino industry is witnessing an exponential growth of 12%. It is evidently clear that the gambling industry has a huge market to cater to all around the world, and one of the main factors that has led to the surge is affiliate marketing. Casino Businesses are showing steady growth as they work together with affiliates to promote and gain more traction. Mentioned below are businesses that leveraged affiliate marketing and generated massive fortunes.

Fortune Jack Casino is one of the top Casino and iGaming platforms; it has an undeniably solid affiliate program and pays its affiliate through Bitcoin. Fortune Jack has one of the highest paying commission rates compared to any other Casino business. The Casino has the most substantial affiliate network built and is considered the leader in Bitcoin Casino.

Another such example is BitStarz Casino. It has a wide range of games like slots, live casino games, jackpot, etc. The online casino is created by veteran players for fellow players, making it one of a kind, as the games are designed keeping in mind the expectations and experiences of the players. They provide their affiliates a 40% commission rate which is quite a steal for all the publishers. And the fact that it is created by former players who have been in gaming for so many years where they built trust and credibility gives it more edge in marketing.

The Online Casino business has experienced broad exposure because of mobile marketing. The easily accessible gaming world is garnering more traction day-by-day. In the expansion and growth of Casino Businesses, online affiliate marketing has played an instrumental role. Today, to strive and thrive in the gambling business, casinos need to build a strong portfolio containing sophisticated affiliate programs.

Reasons for Casino Businesses starting an Affiliate Program


Advertising through affiliate marketing has low risk as your business gets direct warm leads. The publisher already nurtures these leads, so the risk of losing a considerable marketing budget on nurturing and turning cold audiences into warm leads is comparatively very low.

Performance-based model

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising that is performance-based. You only pay the publisher for specific, measurable results that are pre-agreed by both parties. This model ensures the publisher promotes your business earnestly to earn incentives.

Access to a broader audience base

Promoting through a publisher gives your business more exposure and reach. The publisher’s audience is potential leads that are already nurtured, and thus, it becomes easier for your business to communicate your brand messaging and get conversions.

Transparency and Data-driven

Advertising an online casino business through trusted and credible affiliate networks or marketers to handle your affiliate marketing needs gives your business more edge. In addition, it provides you with detailed reports on the performance of every publisher with the rate of conversions they manage to generate.

Ways Affiliate Marketing can help grow your Online Casino Business

Brand Awareness

Marketing your Casino Business through an affiliate with good social proof and strong influence helps the Casino get more exposure and gain a newer audience. In addition, leveraging the influence of the affiliates can help your Casino Business reach out to a larger audience who might not have even heard about your business. Ace Revenue affiliate network has been in business since 2009 and has a loyal follower base. Captain Jack, Planet 7, some of the popular online Casinos are integrated with the Ace Revenue affiliate program enabling them to reach out to broader and more diverse audiences.

Generate Traffic

Promoting your Business through traditional means can be quite expensive and might not give the desired results. But promoting through a credible affiliate can do wonders for any online business. Choosing the right affiliate to promote your casino business is essential because their audience is your potential customers. In addition, the audience of the publisher needs to resonate with your brand’s vision and message.

Builds Credibility

The association with an affiliate that has strong social proof, and a loyal customer base enables the Casino business to gain more traction and ultimately generate more revenue. The Casino business that promotes through affiliates that have been able to build trust and credibility throughout the years can convince and convert their followers easily. The years of genuine connection created makes them believe in the affiliate and, in turn believe in your casino business.


Affiliate marketing is a performance-based model wherein the business pays the publisher on account of the agreed outcome. For the business to run successfully, it’s crucial to allocate budget mindfully to avoid losing money, and affiliate marketing does precisely that. You pay when you get results through the publishers.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based model; thus, your business has to incentivize only for measurable results. For example, you can identify which sales are doing great and then offer a higher commission on those sales to get much higher returns.

Easy to Track

In an affiliate marketing program, the publishers have an affiliate link. The publisher promotes the brand and encourages its audience to take the desired action by directing them towards the link. These links are easily trackable, which means you can easily track affiliate performance and incentivize based on these analytics.

The growing popularity of the gambling business has opened doors for new and advanced opportunities for operators and producers. Online Casino Business is profitable as players love betting on the go, and affiliates have made it easier for businesses to reach the targeted audience through their social presence and connections.

But this also gave rise to cases of fraud, money laundering, and hacking. Now more than ever, the importance of trust and credibility has increased due to an increase in such cases. Having an affiliate marketing program that is secured and trusted gains traction and helps a business gain more success.

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