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Enabling Bingo Halls to Get Online

Plano, TX – Aug 18, 2020 – Slavna Game Studio, a leading professional and technical services provider for end-to-end game development announced today that they are making available a bingo app for bingo hall owners. This will enable Bingo hall owners to continue operations in a virtual setup.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in bingo halls losing business revenues as people tend to avoid crowded places and stay indoors. Traditional customers of Bingo halls still love to play the game and socialize over a good community bingo game. The bingo hall owners need to provide a virtual setup so that they can continue operations.

Announcing the bingo app, Maksim Masliy, President said, “We are providing development services to take your bingo hall online, with the same community feels and making it easy to use for the elderly crowd. The basic app can be customized based on the specific requirements of bingo hall owners. We have tried to keep it simple, with large fonts, and brighter, easily distinguishable colors, considering the senior audience that we need to cater to. We will also be providing audio/video features inside the bingo game so that players can communicate in a smaller group amongst themselves while playing. People can hear or see each other, share their comments via chat or message feature. They can keep that community spirit alive.

If you want to take your bingo hall online, you may connect with our experts at [email protected] or visit us on

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