Choosing Between a Team of Experts and a Traditional Development Team

Did you know? Covid-19 drove 64% of people to spend more time and money on online gambling.  That’s an excellent opportunity for all those looking to enter this market and earn chips of prosperity! Ready to bet big?

While the roots of gambling go back to the Roman Empire, nothing beats the popularity of online gambling in modern times. Casino games appeal to all adult age groups, offer an excellent entertainment platform, and have a global customer base. Around 26% of the worldwide population gambles, making it a huge opportunity to build your casino platform online and grow your profits. So, if you’re looking to launch your casino games, it’s time to start working with an expert team!

Challenges Associated with Casino Games Development

Many entrepreneurs and investors now want to enter the online gambling market and leverage the industry’s success. However, developing an online gaming platform requires a particular skill-set and comes with many challenges. For instance, you need an attractive portal design to beat the competition and make your players stay for longer. In addition, the platform must follow all the laws and regulations of the target market and offer a safe integration for real money and multiple currency support. Many entrepreneurs like to include sports betting features in the platform, requiring more intense technical assistance. Similarly, a fast turnaround time is another requirement for most casino gaming companies.

While many casino gaming platforms are still considering traditional software development teams for their portals, this phenomenon has many drawbacks. For starters, not all software developers have gaming expertise or knowledge about the industry. As a result, they are unable to design apps or websites that click with gamers, often miss out on strong competitor analysis and ultimately, it results in a poor version of the platform and a cold streak for you.

On the contrary, if you choose an expert team with an all-encompassing gaming experience, here are the benefits you can enjoy

A Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise

A gaming studio with decades of experience and a rich background in the industry can give an edge in the market. In addition, they can help you offer an efficient and effective technical solution so that your casino platform grows rapidly and attracts more gamers every day.

A Jackpot of Customer Testimonials

Established game development studios will have worked with similar gaming companies and can offer testimonials and references for you to check out. As a result, you can visualize your own game and have a template ready to mix and match your dream gaming website, app or portal.

Bonus of One-Stop-Shop

If you’re struggling with multiple vendor management to complete all aspects of your casino games, time to hire an all-in-one expert team. They can support you in all your requirements – mobile app development, multiplayer game development, sports betting solutions, lottery, bingo and more. It saves your time and avoids the hassles of dealing with many vendors. As a result, you don’t need to hire multiple skill sets in design and development to create your game or platform/app.

VIP High-Quality Support

Only a few trusted gaming studios will offer end to end support during your app’s lifecycle to fix any bugs, glitches or issues and resolve practical problems. Having complete support gives you the peace of mind that your gamers never experience downtime or software bugs that last too long. For established gaming studios, you’re the VIP they are always happy to help!

Better Odds for All Types of Games

With an expert team, you can design and develop all kinds of games that you’d like to have on your portal or online casino. This gives you an opportunity to explore different gaming styles and understand all about the latest trends in the industry, too.

Winning with Robust Quality & Quick Turnaround Time

Due to the expertise, quality assurance and experience of gaming studios, they can design your dream platform or app without many changes. They also incorporate feedbacks and change requests faster, helping you reduce your time to market. You can expect minimum issues and maximum results with the right team by your side.

Ready to design your dream online casino?

Slavna Studio uses the best design, sound, tech and human factors to make the game more interactive and engaging and boost usage and functionality. The skilled developers, modern technologies and timely updates offer next-gen casino game development solutions that are secure, trusted and safe.

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The online gambling market value is expected to grow to $100 billion in 2026.

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