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Online Gaming Business Trends for 2021

While fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have started playing games sitting at home. Many mobile game companies and online gambling software providers invent new games for their customers and attract new gamers. The technological advancement in the gaming industry has shot to new levels. A mobile game development company has to think about many things regarding building a new game.

The technical up-gradation and easy access to game development technology have made the gaming industry so popular that various new game development companies and computer game companies are coming up in the market to introduce high-quality games and gaming features, so the competition is immense.

The gamers are always looking for something new in the gaming world and search for the latest trending games. So how can you cope up with the continually evolving gaming industry? The first thing to keep in mind for a mobile game development company is to bring something new to the table as no one is interested in playing the same pattern repeatedly.

However, many things have changed in the gaming industry after the advent of 3D computer graphics. Currently, all online gambling software providers and computer game companies are creating 3D games for their audience.

Latest Gaming Trends

  • Online Gambling

Not everyone plays the same type of game. Mobile game companies have to keep this in mind and create new and unique apps for their audience.

For some people, video games are fun, while gambling on casino games is fun and entertaining. Many online casino software providers have started creating casino games for their audience. Before such games existed, people used to play card and dice games and gamble with a specific amount of money.

Mobile game companies got a boost when they started taking online gambling games to another level by attracting gamers from all over the world. People didn’t need to visit a physical casino when an online casino platform provider hosted online casino games.

According to a survey by GameAnalytics in Q1 2020, the number of mobile gamers grew from 1.2 billion people to 1.75 billion people, which is an increase of 46%. Any game development company keeps a check on the gaming industry statistics trends and paves its way to success tracking these latest trends.

  • Video Game Streaming

It has become a popular trend with gamers. Many gamers stream their game on video streaming platforms like YouTube or Discord. Many online casino software providers give the option of streaming their casino games for fellow gamers and watching audiences.

When Twitch was introduced in 2011 as a streaming platform, it became a popular platform like YouTube to watch exciting shows. Nowadays, Twitch streams tons of video games from professionals that are tagged as ‘game entertainment.’

Video game streaming ranks 1st among video game trends, and Twitch receives over 2 billion viewers for live streams every hour. It is 72.2% of all live hours than YouTube LIVE, which streams more than 735.54 million hours. Many streams on Twitch are not by professional gamers, and they don’t include live professional competitions. A lot of game testing happens on this platform.

Any online casino platform provider needs to invest the right amount of capital to produce the game and host multiple games at once. Such new platforms require powerful hardware to make the game run perfectly.

Many new gaming consoles are hence used to operate such games. For example, PlayStation 5 is a new gaming console and has the latest features like 4k for enhanced graphics quality. The enhancement of hardware for better gaming performance isn’t limited to gaming consoles and PC but also mobile phones.

  • More Remastered Games and Remakes

The previous decade was one hell of a ride for films and series remakes. The list goes on from Dumbo to Hawaii Five – O. In the gaming industry, nostalgia-fueled the remastered games. In 2020, there were remastered types for significant game titles. Some of them are XIII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Warcraft 3 Reforged, Resident Evil 3, and many more.

All these remakes are better in graphics, but the developers say they are bringing refinements to the dynamics and features of different games profiting in the 2020 gaming market. The target audience for such remakes is the ones who have grown up playing these games and know their concepts to the core. But the developers are also trying to reach a new set of audiences with the nostalgia factor.

  • Gaming as a Service

It is also called cloud gaming. GaaS has revolutionized the gaming industry. If cloud games are successful in the market, they will overcome the barriers of expensive gaming hardware available offline. In GaaS, gamers can outsource computing needs to remote hardware. All one needs is a high-speed internet connection.

These are some of the popular online gaming business trends that many mobile game development companies are trying to follow and become popular in the gaming industry with their gaming ideas.